Some central interests:

  • Collective harms, tragedy of the commons, cooperation, participation
  • Moral responsibility, epistemic condition, strategic ignorance, quality of will
  • Kantian ethics, formula of universal law, formula of humanity, moral worth

Why cooperate (e.g. reduce one’s carbon emissions, boycott animal products, protest to injustices, or adhere to the corona measures) if one’s conduct makes no difference?

I’m working on potential solutions based on e.g. participation, universalizability and expression.

And, how to hold one another responsible for defecting?

Postdoc – 13-16
My postdoc project investigated the epistemic condition of moral responsibility. E.g. does ignorance excuse for our slavery footprint?

PhD – 09-13
Back in the days, I wrote a PhD dissertation on infinite regress arguments. It investigates what such arguments from many distinct philosophical debates have in common, and offers guidelines for using and evaluating them.