Letting go

“I don’t have to eat less meat, because it makes no difference.”

“You do need to eat less meat, because it does make a difference.”

Two opposing positions. Who is right?

Neither. As far as I’m concerned, both sides go wrong. You should eat less meat, but not because it would make a difference.

Brief explanation here.

Admittedly, this thought is not easy to grasp. It’s so natural to think that you should act in some way only if it pays off. To make the thought more intelligible, I have asked Yormie Aboe Dzaki to present it in the form of a short story. Sometimes philosophical ideas are so abstract that they call for something that makes them visible. The tale features someone – Tony/Rico – who’s on the right track, morally speaking, even though he fails to make a difference.

Letting go (NL) | pdf (NL) | pdf (EN)