Workshop 2015

Responsibility – The Epistemic Dimension II

When: May 11-13 2015
Where: VU University Amsterdam

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It is generally agreed that moral responsibility has an epistemic dimension. Moral responsibility and knowledge interact, but the question is exactly how. In this second workshop in the series, we will address the following issues:

(1) Does the epistemic condition require awareness or akrasia?
(2) Should the epistemic condition be analysed in terms of quality of will?
(3) Does the epistemic condition involve norms of inquiry or belief?
(4) Does moral, as opposed to factual, ignorance excuse?
(5) Is the epistemic condition sensitive to degrees of difficulty?
(6) Is the epistemic condition revisionary?
(7) Does tracing apply to the epistemic condition?
(8) Is the epistemic condition an independent condition?

Invited speakers
George Sher, Rice University, author of ‘Who Knew? Responsibility Without Awareness’
Nomy Arpaly, Brown University, co-author of ‘In Praise of Desire’

Contributed speakers
Alexander Guerrero, University of Pennsylvania
Elinor Mason, University of Edinburgh
Elizabeth Harman, Princeton University
Endre Begby, Simon Fraser University
Errol Lord, University of Pennsylvania
Gunnar Björnsson, Umeå University
Gwen Bradford, Rice University
Justin Caouette, University of Calgary
Matt King, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Matthew Talbert, West Virginia University
Milo Nanni, University of Nottingham
Miriam McCormick, University of Richmond
Paulina Sliwa, University of Cambridge

Book of abstracts.


Workshop format
All papers will be pre-read and have a commentator. Slots will be 60′ (5′ author + 5-10′ commentator + 40′ open discussion).

Anna Réz, Eötvös Loránd University
Ben Bramble, University of Vienna
Benjamin Matheson, University of Manchester
Bruno Verbeek, Leiden University
Charlie Crerar, University of Sheffield
Filippo Santoni de Sio, Delft University of Technology
Jojanneke Vanderveen, VU University Amsterdam
Kurt Sylvan, University of Southampton
Lieke Asma, VU University Amsterdam
Machteld Geuskens, Tilburg University
Naomi Kloosterboer, VU University Amsterdam
Nikolaj Nottelmann, University of Southern Denmark
René van Woudenberg, VU University Amsterdam
Rik Peels, VU University Amsterdam
Ryan Cox, Australian National University

Via e-mail.

You may want to book a hotel close to the Vondelpark.

How to get there
This site will tell you how to get to the university by public transport (the train to ‘Amsterdam Zuid’, or the tram to ‘De Boelelaan/VU’). You will need an ‘anonymous’ OV-chipkaart (available at the stations). Best alternative: rent a bike. The workshop takes place in the ‘Senaatszaal’ in the main building – it’s not easy to find on your own, so follow the signs in the building.

Jan Willem Wieland, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Philip Robichaud, Delft University of Technology

NWO Veni project ‘We should know better’
VU TF section, led by René van Woudenberg
VU PF section, led by Martin van Hees
OZSW study group Philosophy of responsibility