Workshop 2014

Responsibility – The Epistemic Dimension I

When: 28-29 April 2014
Where: VU University Amsterdam

Inquiries into responsibility often concerned problems of control and freedom. Recently, however, philosophers have turned their attention to the epistemic dimension of responsibility. Many agree that there is an epistemic restriction on what we are responsible for. Yet the question is: what is this restriction? This workshop brings together new papers on the topic.

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Invited speakers
Holly Smith, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Michael Zimmerman, University of North Carolina
Martin van Hees, University of Amsterdam

Contributed speakers
Alex Guerrero, University of Pennsylvania
Andrea Kruse, Ruhr University Bochum
Elizabeth Harman, Princeton University
Frank Hindriks, University of Groningen
Gunnar Björnsson, Umeå University
Guy Axtell, Radford University
Kai Spiekermann, London School of Economics
Katherine Johnson, Bellarmine University
Mathieu Doucet, University of Waterloo
Philip Robichaud, Delft University of Technology
Sara Rachel Chant, University of Missouri
Stephen Bero, University of Southern California

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